It is our desire to respond with wisdom and love to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic in our City. We see this situation as an opportunity to reimagine our values to love Jesus, love people and to love Lagos. We are eager to be good neighbours and law-abiding citizens who prevent the spread of the virus but continue to spread the love of Christ.

Below are some of the ways we are expressing this love for one another and the city.

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Online Services

We remain committed to holding our Sunday worship services and mid-week theology days/bible studies which are designed to exalt God, edify Christians and evangelize non-Christians. We hope you’ll join us for Sunday worship (at 9:00am W.A.T) and bible studies (on some Tuesday’s at 6:00pm W.A.T)  via livestream on YouTube, Facebook and Mixlr. Invite your friends and family by sharing these links with them.

City Kidz Online

We will provide resources to help grow and strengthen your child’s faith – Sunday video bible lessons, video conversation starters, and family activities – to create fun and meaningful spiritual experiences for your child during this period. We encourage you to begin the online service with your children as they will be dismissed to watch their video bible lessons sometime during the service. You can find previous bible lessons here or check our YouTube channel every Sunday morning for up-to-date age appropriate lessons.

Online Gospel Communities

Our Gospel Communities meet virtually. During this time of social distancing, the internet is affording us ways to bridge the gap and care for one another in smaller groups. Join us every week as we fellowship with one another via Zoom. To join any of our online Gospel Communities, please contact Emmanuel.

Jubilee Fund

We have set up a Fund which will provide relief and assistance to those members of our community who are most vulnerable during these difficult times. Please contact the Jubilee Fund team via this link if you need assistance, and we would be in touch with you promptly.

We are also requesting your generous support for this initiative. Please give sacrificially to the Fund’s designated account:

Account Name: City Church (Mercy Ministry Account)

Bank: Access Bank

Account Number: 0797521470

For regular giving, please use this link.

How Can I Be Praying?

The coronavirus continues to hit hard and several of us are broadly impacted by this crisis. Join us as we pray to the one who is in control and let our petitions known to Him;

Pray for:

Pray for financially unstable families who don’t have access to the devices they need for online learning for their children: Ask God to help them come up with creative ways to engage and teach their children during this period.

Pray for the homeless who don’t have a shelter to practice the social distance protocol: Pray that God will provide a safe place for them to lay their head and that He will protect them from the disease. Pray that He will keep those in living in crowded apartments with shared facilities safe from corona and other infectious diseases.

Pray for workers who have lost their means of livelihood or facing financial    hardships: Ask God our good Father, to help them not to panic. Ask him to inspire people around them to generously support them.

Pray for people with underlying medical conditions who are at greater risk of this virus: Pray that God will protect them and give them peace of mind in this time uncertainty.

Pray for individuals both young and old living in high conflict families and abusive relationships:  ask God to send help them at this time and that God should keep them safe, and secure as they shelter at home.

Pray for parents: ask God to give them wisdom and patience as they engage their children this season. Pray that God will help them create a flourishing environment for them.

Pray for single parents: that God will give them the strength and tenacity they need to care for their children and that He will surround them with people who can be of help to them.

Pray for all the children: that they will not be affected negatively physically, psychologically, and emotionally by the pandemic in the long term.

Pray for international travellers stuck in foreign countries, away from family, friends and Loved ones: ask God to help them find a conducive place to stay and that he will help them return home in due time safe and sound.

Pray for families and friends of those who are sick or have died: pray that as they worry and grieve, they will know god’s comfort, peace, and protection.

Pray for those who are sick or in quarantine: ask God to take away feelings of fear, anxiety, and despair from their hearts fill it with hope and peace. Pray that God will give them a sense of purpose in pursuing health and protecting others from exposure to the disease.

Pray for children who are prone to anxiety, tantrums, or behavioural issues: ask God to help them acclimatise well to this new normal for a while. pray that their caregivers would not be discouraged or in despair as they care for them.

Pray for medical practitioners who are at the frontline of fighting this pandemic: pray that God will protect them and strengthen their hearts as they put themselves at risk to help others live. Pray that God will also give them wisdom, direction, and speed in finding a lasting solution.

Pray for those in the media responsible for giving daily updates: pray that God helps them communicate with appropriate seriousness without causing panic, and that He will empower them as they debunk all false information.

Pray for our government and leaders: pray that God empowers them with the will, wisdom and discernment to stop the spread of the virus and to stabilize the economy.

Pray for spiritual leaders: they are gifted with wisdom on how to lead and meet people’s needs, cause their words and actions to glorify His name and to encourage the church.

Pray for the body of Christ: that God will keep us in unity and that He will help us respond appropriately to this pandemic in a way that mirrors His love and grace to us. Pray that God will help churches find creative ways to grow in their faith and community.

Pray for people who are not taking the coronavirus seriously and still moving around without caution: Pray that God will make them realize the gravity of the situation and help them act with neighbourly love accordingly.

Pray for everyone looking for relevant and helpful information: that God will help us find the most helpful and true local information to help us curtail the spread of the virus.

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