On 61!

I cannot imagine stringing flowery words together and waxing poetic while I talk about Nigeria. That’s like water and oil. They do not mix. But I can be honest and hopeful and that is what this piece is about. The Home That Breaks Us We cannot...

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When Work Becomes an Idol

Idols are still very much with us. Lest we assume that we modern Africans have abandoned that aspect of traditional society, they remain (sadly) a part of our daily lives. An idol is any created thing that had been elevated to occupy God’s...

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A Call For Discipleship

  “I do what I do because I want what I want.” Though not original to me, that axiom speaks for me. Chances are, it does for you, and perhaps for a vast majority of others too. Granted, there are legitimate situations where our hands are...

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Greed is an Enemy

  Greed is idolatry. It stems from valuing created objects wrongly. Whereas true satisfaction comes only from knowing God (John 17:3), the greedy person seeks it in ‘things’. Greed is an enemy. Like all enemies, it is not after our wellbeing...

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The Blessings of Belonging

  “Desperate times call for desperate measures.” Indeed, they do! Over the past year, the world has experienced life very differently from normal, not the least Christians who have had to adapt to a whole new experience of living out their...

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Thinking of Myself Less

“I can do it myself!” asserts a determined toddler, who could do with a bit of help, but adamantly refuses the offer. “It’s my way or the highway!” lashes out the leader who minces no words in letting you know who’s boss. The sorry-yet-not-sorry...

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The Gospel in ABC

  Have you ever dreamed of the day your child will become a follower of Jesus? Think about it for a bit, what joy will fill your heart! However, our Children were born sinners like we were too, but thank God for Jesus who took our place...

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