On 61!

I cannot imagine stringing flowery words together and waxing poetic while I talk about Nigeria. That’s like water and oil. They do not mix. But I can be honest and hopeful and that is what this piece is about. The Home That Breaks Us We cannot...

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Gossiping, You, and Me.

(This article first appeared on Medium.) “What does the Bible say about gossiping?” This question plagued my mind for three odd months. It kept coming and going in waves and a friend I hold dear encouraged me to pen down my thoughts. I prayed...

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Delighting in the Trinity

  We’ve just celebrated Father’s Day, and several people went down memory lane to appreciate moments shared with their father. So many emotions and memories! The last thing I expected when I read Delighting in The Trinity was to have one of...

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Don’t Worry

This morning, I woke up early, scheduled to commence writing this post. Twenty minutes later, I caught myself worrying about my life. Then I remembered the title of the post is: Don’t Worry. You can imagine how I immediately felt. The truth...

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