Yemi Osinubi - December 15, 2018

God With Refugees

God With Us

Do you remember to treat refugees as humans? Joseph and Mary fled Bethlehem for Egypt because of a wicked government. Refugees flee their homes for political, social and economic reasons. They try to carry as much of their treasures as they run to escape death. But the greatest loss is often their dignity and identity as they struggle make homes out of strange lands. This sermon shows us that Jesus Christ, the ultimate refugee left the treasures of heaven in order to embrace death for the refugee too.

Scripture References: Matthew 3:13-23

From Series: "God With Us"

Christmas is the only Christian holy day that is also a major secular holiday. This means that for many, it is just a season for concerts and parties, rest and family reunion, chicken and jollof rice. But the meaning of Christmas is that the Creator of the universe has become a human being. God himself comes and gives himself to us. Over and over again in the first two chapters of Matthew, God says, ‘I am with the voiceless child. I am with the outsider and refugee. I am with the oppressed woman'. This is what we mean we say that for four weeks in December, we'll be considering a new sermon series titled 'God With Us'.

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