Femi Osunnuyi - August 7, 2021

These Are The Days Of Elijah

When we get close to people, we get to know their flaws. Because of this, we build relationships based on an idealized image of them we create. Thereby not appreciating them fully in their humanity. We do this same thing with Prophet Elijah by thinking He was just a man of power. What does it mean to be human from Elijah's perspective and how can we appreciate him fully?

Scripture References: 1 Kings 17:1

From Series: "A Man of Like Passions"

Elijah was a very powerful prophet in the Bible, yet he faced difficulties as we do. The man who declared drought needed food. The man who ran faster than chariots ran for his life and begged to die. Through this series, “A Man of Like Passions”, we will study Elijah's life, seeing how he went through life experiences and triumphed to become one of our best examples.

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