Femi Osunnuyi - October 27, 2018

Misusing Sex

Idols and the City

While the Bible is clearly against homosexual practices because it contradicts the original design and ultimately hampers human flourishing; Christians are called to distinguish the sinner from the sin and to love those struggling with homosexuality. Same-sex attracted persons, same-sex oriented persons and same-sex affirming persons are created in the image of God; and Christ gave his life for them.

Scripture References: Leviticus 18:22-30

From Series: "Idols and the City"

Lagosians know a thing or two about physical idols but in the 21st century we think of them more as harmless cultural artefacts kept in museums. The Bible however, teaches us that they’re more than that – our hearts are idol-making factories that exert power on us through three main surface idols: Money, Sex and Power. In the “Idols and the City” sermon series, from September 2nd to November 25th, we will see that only the Gospel of Christ can truly give us the fulfillment we seek from these idols and deliver us from their bondage.

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