Emmanuel Oset - June 17, 2023

Made to Risk

Scripture References: 2 Samuel 10:1-14

From Series: "Made for More"

“Can’t I simply aspire to be a rich influential billionaire and still be a Christian?” "No, you can’t. It is impossible to become that rich or influential without staining your values as a Christian, then at that point, money will be your god. Don’t use God to justify your greed and desire to be influential. Vanity upon vanity, All is …." "Yes, you can. People use Christianity as an excuse to be lazy and settle for less. God’s people should be the most successful people out there. We carry the life of God in us, and our God is not a God of mediocrity. Stop making excuses and dream bigger!" Depending on who you are, you might fall on either side of the coin, but this question points to deeper questions we must answer: When are we crossing the line of living for God and pursuing our own big dreams? Are we settling for less than who God has called us to be if we just stay in our little corner? Join us this Sunday as we begin this three part series: Made for More, as we answer these pressing questions and learn how to be ambitious with the unique talents, interests, and positions God has given us.

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