Toki Numbere - September 5, 2021

More Than One Way

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During the evil reign of King Ahab, Elijah and Obadiah were both faithful to God. But while Elijah performed miracles like raising a boy from the dead, Obadiah helped his master look for grass. Sometimes we are so focused on doing big things for God that we ignore other things He requires from us because they seem small and ordinary. What are these things and how can we be faithful with them?

Scripture References: 1 Kings 18:1-15

From Series: "A Man of Like Passions"

Elijah was a very powerful prophet in the Bible, yet he faced difficulties as we do. The man who declared drought needed food. The man who ran faster than chariots ran for his life and begged to die. Through this series, “A Man of Like Passions”, we will study Elijah's life, seeing how he went through life experiences and triumphed to become one of our best examples.

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