Delighting in the Trinity


We’ve just celebrated Father’s Day, and several people went down memory lane to appreciate moments shared with their father. So many emotions and memories! The last thing I expected when I read Delighting in The Trinity was to have one of those moments: that precious, priceless, teary moment you have because of a father. I cherish that moment to this day.

You might be wondering, “What’s fatherhood got to do with Trinity.” There’s no problem with the question.  The problem is how complex we think Trinity is, that we belittle it into a big theological term meant to be dissected and studied by the Christians in high places. The truth is this, if you can relate with God as a father, then you know more about Trinity than you think. We cannot think about God as a father in isolation from the Trinity. Understanding more about Trinity sheds more light on God as a father.

God is Father because he is Trinity and he is Trinity because he is Father.  This prior statement already suggests we might never be able to fully understand why Father, Son, and Spirit are distinct persons yet one, at least not while we’re still in this body, but you will read this book with your head and I assure you, you will feel it in your heart. Theology is that word that makes us roll our eyes, shrug our shoulders, and say, “I cannot come and die.” Especially when we’ve attempted, and we were met with brain-blowing words and frustration.  Michael Reeves writes about Trinity in a simple and yet intimate way.

If you think your earthly father isn’t or wasn’t perfect, then this book is for you!

If you believe God is a father but it’s still quite heady than experiential. This book is for you.

If you will like to know why God is so loving, why he saved you, and why he is shaping you to be more like him in your Christian life, Yes! I’m still talking about the Trinity; this book is for you.

If you’re still doubting the whole Trinity and reading thing, a community is waiting to come alongside you through each of its 121 pages; after all, we’re a body and you are part of it.

Join any of our Gospel Communities (small groups) to buy this book at a discounted price, and let’s get to delight in the triune God while we’re still in this body!

Victoria is unlearning and learning about God and life and hopes to communicate this through her writing. She has a vulnerability toward good books and good food., +2349076700860