Is Validation Vanity?

Whose report will you believe? We shall believe the report of the Lord! If you sang the first line – you, O Levite, are a church veteran! Here’s your certificate. In a well-meaning attempt to not appear earthly-minded; we, Christians, tend to...

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Different But Equal

  I’m not quite sure how to start this article; not because I’m bursting at the seams with ideas, but because the very mention of the word integral to this post often triggers an eye roll / dismissive won tun ti bere* sigh or...

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New Year. New Me?

  New Year’s resolutions – the sooner you make them, the sooner you break them or another chance for us to get it right? Cliché and tired. Those are the words that instantaneously spring to mind when I think of the phrase: ‘New Year’s...

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Social Media Missions

  Social Media is a disruptor… it has changed the face of commerce, advertisement, content creation/consumption and so much more… Social Media is the most ubiquitous phenomenon of our time! So, it only makes sense that Christians...

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City Church Is A Community

If you’ve come to City Church long enough, you’ll quickly realise we have our CC (City Church)-isms; honourable mentions include the chorused ‘thanks be to God’ and the hip and chic nomenclature for what is more commonly known as fellowship –...

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God and Mondays

Mondays, depending on who you are, either fills you with dread or joy – one thing is sure – the work week has begun, and you must follow suit! This means getting your mind in gear in anticipation of the weekly rat race. We are encouraged to get...

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