The story of City Church is borne out of an aching vision to see the city of Lagos renewed through the Gospel. When Femi Osunnuyi and his wife, Tosin, were living in the UK they had both been Christians for some time and were immensely grateful for the Christian heritage that had been faithfully passed down to them. However, after a few years they discovered a Christian world that met their deepest intellectual, moral, spiritual and emotional needs in a way that neither required sticking to old lifeless forms of religion nor reinventing Christianity in a way that broke with 2000 years of faithful, godly witness. What they discovered was a Christianity that was ancient in its truth commitments and contemporary in its application. What they found was a Christianity that was rooted in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ and saw only this message as the answer to all of life’s most fundamental challenges.

Having witnessed how their lives and others had been transformed inwardly and outwardly they yearned for even more people to experience what they had found. Unfortunately, they knew this was largely not the case in Nigeria, especially in its most influential city, Lagos. What had sadly been the case was an expansion of Christianity which, though affirmed the Gospel, was not centred on it. And so they began dreaming about what a Gospel-centred renewal would look like in an urban setting like the City of Lagos. It would mean having people experience spiritual, social and cultural renewal. However, just as we see in the book of Acts of the Apostles, God’s main tool for achieving this kind of movement is his church. Therefore we like to identify ourselves as a “Gospel-Centred Urban Church”. That is we are a church that makes much about Jesus Christ’s good news while being very sensitive to our 21st century Lagosian environment.

Having prepared themselves in prayer and planning, Femi and Tosin moved back to Lagos at the end of March 2015, with a single family committed, to begin working on starting City Church. Preparatory meetings were held throughout 2016 and formal services began in January 2017. What we have seen so far is God beginning to work out the dream he gave Femi, Tosin and some of their friends, but we are very much at the beginning stages. We therefore invite you into our story and journey to come dream along with us !